Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Wounded Warriers" Part 4 of the Chicagocache fun!

Okay, so the last one for the day is a real kicker. We decided to do one last run. It was a little tougher than the last ones because the battery on my phone was dying, and that is where I was getting my geo information. So, I could only look, and read the info a few seconds at a time. We headed off to an old military housing district. There were all kinds of swirvy roads in and around it. My GPS took me by a little park. We decided to get out and walk it. At this point, our boots and jeans were already starting to be soaked through. What can I say, when I want something, I want it, and I didn't care if I had a small lake forming in my boots. We read the info again as quick as could. We read over some really important info about parking, and some other tracking information. We started out across the park, and made our way to a hill. I said okay, we need to get down this hill, but not cross this little ravine. We had about three places it could be, but we weren't sure which one it was. Again, no phone, battery was super low. My sister said "I think I see stairs across the way." Off we began, down the way to find the "stairs." There were no stairs. Sigh. Back to the other side we went. I said "I am going in!" Off I headed down the hill. This is hill I was not supposed to go down.

I made it the bottom, and found the ravine that was mentioned in the clue. It said don't cross it, so I didn't.
My mom decided to head down afterwards. Well, halfway down she fell and landed on a tree stump. Ouchies! She was scraped up. This was the first battle wound of the day. I said okay, my phone says it is around this area here, so let's have a look in a few places. The hint was "electric", so we had a few places that we know it had to be. Did we find it, no. My sister said, "There has to be a way to get to the road on the other side of the ravine." I said "I'm going to jump the ravine, it is only like 1/2 foot wide." They yelled and said no. So I made my way back up the hill, to figure out a new plan.
This is the view of the structure from the "right/safe way."
On my way down, I had quickly checked out this metal structure, but didn't think anything of it. It didn't seem to have any electricity, so I ignored it. On the way back up though, I figured I would check it out just in case. I thought to myself, "What about this thing? Could it be in here?" We agreed, no, and I continued up. So, the whole way back up the hill, I had been grabbing and moving little branches out of my way to help me climb. I said to my mom, "Watch out for this barbed wire, there are a few random pieces sticking out in random places." Literally as I said this, I moved one aside, catching it in my hair. My mom and sister yell, "Don't move!" There I was stuck, on a hill, with rusty barbed wire tangled in my head. Battle wound number two. So my mom heads down the hill to save my life....or my hair. I realize as she heads down the hill, that she had already fallen once. What happens if she falls, and hits me, and I am still attached to this wire. I had a this vision of her hanging from my feet, and me hanging from the wire in my hair....awesome. I tried not to panic, or laugh, being that I was still having a blast, even though I was possibly going to need a Tetanus shot later on that evening. We get up the hill, and head back to the car. We drive around the neighborhood, and low and behold, we find a little circle that is the start of a walking trail. As I write this, I am shaking my head, and calling us idiots. We park the car, and begin our mission again.
After about 500 yards or so we come across this power jack. This has to be it.
I climbed the little hill next to it, and pulled up the cover.
The cover flew off to reveal our cache!! Whoo hoo!
Inside was a log, a picture, and a little lapel pin. The pin had two soldiers on it, one was carrying the other. It said "wounded soldier" on it. This was the perfect find for our mission, considering that we had two injuries on this trek.
A couple walking their dog saw us on this hill, playing with the electrical jack. After we assured them we were Geocaching, and not destroying property, they smiled and offered to take our picture. It was an awesome day!

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