Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chicagocaching part two!

After finding the hockey themed caches, we decided to keep going. We were to excited to stop. The next stop was by a Target. We drove behind it to find our next point. We found a light pole in the back of the store. I got out of the car and started digging away at the post. This was a tough one! It was under the actual post. It took two of us to push it through, and move it around.
I went and bought a bunch of stickers at a local Hallmark. I wanted to start leaving things in the cache. So I found a bunch of stickers that were all tourist attractions that you would see all over the world. I found it fitting. So we left the Leaning Tower of Pisa at this stop.
My entire family has this incredible skill that you should know about. They always manage to take a picture of me when my eyes are closed. How they snap the picture at the exact point that I blink my eyes amazes me. That, or they are always blurry, which is why I never have pictures of myself. It is very annoying. Exhibit one.
We decided to head down the road to another shopping plaza. This cache was a little harder than the rest. It was a "Christmas tree" theme. There were about seven trees in one area, but more on the sides. This might be difficult. So off I went, into the snow, making sure I didn't get a branch in my eye, and my mom followed. Next thing I know she yells, "I found it!" Indeed she did.
This was a good hide, being that it was a camo cache.
Our little forest of trees.
Exhibit two.
Did we stop here? No sir, we kept on searching. Stay tuned for part three!

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