Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I will title this post "GRRRRRRRRR!"

So, last night I wanted to blog about my adventure outing at Butterfly World.  I wrote all about our day and added my pics with a smile. Then, in an instant, my smile turned into a frowny face, and it hit the floor. "Out of room?!" I screamed to myself as I slipped into panic mode. Yes, out of room. I learned last night that you can only have so much free room on blogger/Picasa for your blog pictures. I have used all of my room. Sad but true. So, as I dove deeper into this sad, sad reality, I learned that I had duplicates of a lot of pictures. Lesson #1 to my new blogger friends out there. When you upload pictures, and upload the wrong one by mistake, it still keeps it in your Picasa album. So I went through and deleted all of my doubles last night to free up more room. This was a horrible time, and I wanted to punch my computer in the keyboard multiple times .I knew I had a long night ahead of me, and tomorrow would not be any better. Today would be a busy day, having to figure out everything on the blog. Tired and irritated, I went off to get ready for bed.  "Holy Crap!" I thought to myself as I almost choked on my toothpaste. What if the doubles I deleted were the ones that were on my blog? No, that's dumb I thought.  No, the fact that I thought it was dumb was dumb, because the sad reality of it is, this could happen! We have bad luck, a lot. My husband likes to call it the" Connor Curse." So, I logged on today, closed my eyes, and held my breath, praying that the blogger gods would shine down there...whatever they shine down. If this was a TV show, we would go to a commercial right now, and leave you in suspense. Lesson #2, don't delete any pics in Picasa even if they are doubles.  Yes, there are blank pic holes all over my blog right now. Yes, I am fixing them today so that I don't leave everyone confused. Yes, I do want to throw my laptop against the wall, in a canal, or give it to Steiner to play with. Last but not least, Yes, I should have just bought the extra room for $5.00, left well enough alone, and actually slept last night. Lesson learned.  I am working super hard to fix the issue today, so please forgive me! Everything will be back to normal by the weekend hopefully! Thanks for your patience!
The Connors!

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