Thursday, March 17, 2011

Family Caching Part three!

We went to a local bike trail that had four or five caches hidden in it. We just did the first one because we had to get home and drop off the non geocachers that were getting bored...

Craig made the find on this one! We had to be careful climbing down the hill because there was a icy lake below us. He looks pleased, doesn't he?
This one had a book with it, one of the two treasures.
Hidden from sight.

This one held a log, and a little eraser. I decided to leave a Rushmore sticker in this one.
All put back in it's place!
So after we dropped off the hubby, we headed back out to do some more damage. We headed off to a local gas station that we had hit a few days earlier. We couldn't get anything though because the snow was so deep. Today was a good day though, because mom found it right away!
Back you go little friend!
Off to another bridge! So we hit a spot that was in a "commuter" series. I was on a mission for this one because I couldn't find it the other day. So without hesitation, I squeezed myself into the snow bank and went under the bridge. Here was my little baby! Only problem was, I couldn't get it out. There was a little drip right over the tube that made it one giant ice block. So I got out an ice scraper, and begin chipping away at it. Nothing was gonna hold me down!
Sweeet success!

We signed another one, and left the Golden Gate bridge sticker.

One more Chicago adventure coming your way! I saved the best story for last!

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