About Me

Before I go into all the fluff about who I am , I thought it would be good to tell you what I am not. I am not a master baker, a master cook, a photography genius, or a seasoned crafter. So why am I reading this blog you ask? I'll tell you why, because I am probably just like you. I don't have a fancy camera, fancy bake ware, or a fancy kitchen (I am lucky if I can fit three people in there on a good day.) In fact, up until today I didn't even own cookie cutters.  True Story my friends. That is what makes this blog fun.  I am just like everyone out there, who has a small place, small camera, and probably some  hand me down cookware that their mother gave them. That is the beauty of this blog. You can make delicious goodies with not so cool stuff that you already own, I promise you. We do it all the time. You make due with what you have, and that is how we make it work. So if you are hoping to see amazing pictures, melt in your mouth recipes, and "Design Star" type items here...well...your in the wrong place. This is a fun, everyday person blog, for fun, everyday people. So on with the boring stuff...

My name is Emily. I live in South Florida with my hubby Craig, and our crazy Jack Russell Einstein. I am an Emergency and Critical Care Vet Nurse, and I really like it! I am lucky enough to work only three days a week, which gives me a lot of time to do these fun things.

I love baking, but I hate cleaning up the mess. This sometimes leads to me not trying new recipes or getting into a lot of crazy stuff. What can I say? Cleaning = boring.  However, I have been in the mood to bake like crazy lately. I think that once you find great recipes, you want to bake and cook all the time. It works out quite well for us because I bake, he cooks. I love his cooking, he loves my baking, so we always have a willing food tester in the house. For the record, I don't cook. I want to cook, I really do, but nothing good ever comes from it. One time the stove broke while trying to cook a new recipe. I took that as a sign, and from that point on, me and the stove had a clear understanding of our relationship. The main equipment I use, besides the obvious, is a plain old Kitchen Aid mixer and a Hamilton Beach food chopper. I love them and they have never steered me wrong.

I like doing crafts. I went through a phase awhile back where I was crafting every day. I painted candles, made Christmas ornaments, and so on. I need to start again!

I am a pathological picture taker. I take pictures of people and animals to the point of annoyance. Ask anyone who knows me. Wherever we go I have my camera ready, and I give people fair warning that they will be getting their pic taken, many times, all day. That being said, I do not have a fancy camera, with multiple lenses, and crazy zoom settings and all the other frills. I have a plain old Olympus, and it gets me through the day.

So now that you know a little about me, you will know what to expect. I hope you like everything I post! I just want to have fun with this blog, and I hope you have fun reading it! If you like what you see, please feel free to comment, I would love to hear what you think!


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