Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crazy caches!

I have been Geocaching like crazy lately.  Crazy. I've also been making my own personal caches too. That is why my blogging has gone under, big time.  Hey, what can a girl do? My first love is always baking, but right now it's summer, and I don't want to be cooped in a hot kitchen. I would rather be outside, in the heat, surrounded by forests, spiders, and whatever else is in the hole that I keep sticking my hand into. That being said, we have been finding some really neat caches!  Normally they are little containers with logs inside. My fellow cachers, however, have really been using their creative noggins. These are some of the ones that we have come across.
This was a really hard one that my hubby was lucky enough to find. There were a million rocks in this area, and he happened to be standing on the one that the log was in. Unbelievable.
Container with log. That was his find of the day. He had a pretty big head for the rest of the day. I can't blame him.
 ABC gum? Ewwwww. Yeah, it's out there folks. It's just waiting to be touched...
 I found this little guy under some leaves behind a pole. Knew it was a fake. Don't get me wrong, I rustled a few things around, and blew on it to see if it would move first, hahaha.
 What's up doc? A carrot container?
 Some of the crew playing on a tree. Didn't find this one, will have to go back later.
 One of the great things about Geocaching is what they called CITO. It stands for Cache in, trash out.  Not only are you supposed to be checking out nature while you are out there, you are supposed to keep it clean and preserved. This cache was perfect for that. This can was sitting at the bottom of a tree, all smashed up. When we picked it up, we found the cache.
 Tricky tricky.
Gather up your friends, get out there, and go caching. We've found so many amazing parks and sights that we have never seen before, and there all in the city that we have lived in for years.  Go have some fun!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Steak and Cheese Kong

Steiner has separation anxiety.  It used to be really bad, but with a few tricks and treats, it has become a little less of an issue.  If your dog hates going into a crate, this will make it a little better. This is the one and only treat that will get Steiner to go into his crate, and not have an attitude about it. Trust me, I would love to let him roam the house and have his little freedom, but he is very untrustworthy! Here is what you need to make your friend smile!

Steak (Stir fry steak)
Cheese (mix of Monterey Jack and Colby/and or cheddar)
Frying pan
Cutting Board

First get your steak, and a cutting board.
 Cut your steak strips in half. Then, if possible, cut them in half again.
Cut little square pieces from your strips. This step is kind of a pain in the tushy. I give my husband full credit for his patience with this task.
 Put all of your little pieces in the pan. You don't need to add any cooking spray. It will be oily and greasy on it's own.
 Cook until all of your pieces are cooked all the way through, no pink!
 Put all of your pieces in the strainer, and really mix it around.
 I take an extra step here. I take 2 paper towels, and place them in the pan. I let it soak up all of the extra grease that's on them, that the strainer didn't get out.
 Okay, so at this time, you can put them in a tupperware and store them for when you need them. If you're ready to use them, here is what we do. Take enough steak to fill up about 3/4 of the kong. Sprinkle the meat and a little cheese on a plate. Put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds.
 Make sure the meat isn't hot, because it will stay hot in the kong. It should be a nice room temp. Next, take all of your fixings and shove them in your kong.
 Last step, give to your pup, let him eat it up, yum!
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