Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fruit Cone!

It is so hot already here in Florida, and it is only June! I am not looking forward to August at all! I would love to sit in, or near the freezer and eat a bucket of ice cream to cool me down. That is not going to happen though, because I am eating healthy right now. Bummer, I know. That is why you haven't been seeing a lot of goodies on here lately. Don't worry, I'm not that strong willed that I can give it up all together. You will see some some, and oh boy, I am excited about them. In the meantime though, I have a healthy fave that is great for summer. This consists of a bunch of fruit/and or berries. You can use whatever ones you want. These are the ones that I use.

Waffle Cone
Green or Red Apple
Yogurt (You can use any kind that you want, but I am using the Greek stuff, because it's healthy.)
First things first, you are going to blend up all of your fruit and berries.  Easy peasy.
 This is your finished blended product. You will have more than you need. I just put it in the fridge for later.
 Next, take a scoop of yogurt. I added in a little but more for this pic because I was making two. If you use to much it will be watery. Do a spoonful at a time.
 This is what I meant by watery, just add more of your blended mix to it.
Put your berries into a waffle cone and presto! Here is your cool summer treat! It is so good, and it isn't a lot of sugar. If you crave chocolate, you can add a little pinch of cocoa powder to it. It is only 10 calories more!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Basin in a bottle!

Good morning my bloggerific friends. I say that in a chipper tone, hoping that most of you have stuck by me, and have not jumped ship after seeing my lack of posts in the last few weeks. It's been kind of busy around the house. You would think that I would have a ton to blog about then, right?  Sadly, I don't, which breaks my blogger heart. Last week I sat down in front of my computer and nothing came out, and I mean nothing.  Then I realized, holy moly, I forgot I ordered new stuff from Basin. Eeeekkk! Yes! Now I have something to tell people about besides Geocaching! I love the store Basin, but the closest store one is three hours away. What?! Yeah, three hours. Unacceptable, I know. The last time I went there, I scoped out the entire store and made a mental checklist of what I could order online later throughout the year. (Side note: I'm in a serious relationship with their salt and sugar scrub right now.)  One thing I didn't look at while I was there was their shampoo and conditioner. My thought process was, it's a bar of shampoo, how good could it be? I need serious shampoo and condition for this mane, and a bar is not going to cut it.  Never gave it a second thought. My hubby, however,  did, and bought me a bar for Christmas. Sigh...I love him. I figured I would try it, and see what happens.  I opened up my shampoo bar and got to work, expecting a little bubble or two, and thinking that I am going to hate brushing my hair later. Then it happened. Bubble explosion! Could it be I was wrong?  Indeed, I was my friend.  I will never go back to store shampoo...again!  I was addicted to this stuff. My hair felt so clean, like, squeaky clean.  I was washing my hair all the time. Over the next month or two my shampoo bar became a shampoo flake. I was starting to panic. I knew I had to order more.I went online and saw that you can order a shampoo barrel. Sweet! I placed my order, and could not wait for it to get here.  Later that night I thought to my self, "I can get another week out of this little guy, just in time for my new stuff to get here."  Then, along came a loofah with a rough side.  I happily jumped in the shower that day for it was hair washing day. I surveyed the area, stopped, and was like, "Ummm, Where is my bar.... where is my bar!?!?!?  I picked up "the loofah" (which did not belong to me,) in a frantic fit, and then gasped. There it was, crushed into pieces in the depths of an Axe scrubber. "Nooooooooo!!!!"  I still had a week before my new stuff arrived!  Panic, shock, and horror set in. I had to buy (head turning to the side with a shamed look) regular shampoo.  I'm not going to go into gory details of that weeks sadness. I'm going to focus on the day that the UPS man showed up at my door with my barrel of love.
From left to right
-Good Hair Day Conditioner Bar

Pink Grapefruit scented Conditioner Bar made with nutrients to heal, moisturize, regenerate, and strengthen hair.

-Hair Food

Three conditioners eliminate tangles and static, while increasing volume for shiny soft hair. Great for curly, frizzy, dry or straight hair.

-Pumpkin Conditioner Bar

Gingerbread scented Conditioner Bar made with nutrients to heal, moisturize, regenerate, and strengthen hair.

-Good Hair Day-
Shampoo with a citrus blend shampoo for great hair everyday.

Go check out the store!

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