Friday, July 15, 2011

Oleta River State park

Happy Friday all!  Last week, I had a chance to get out and visit a local start park. We decided to pick up some mountain bikes to go out Geocaching, and then rent some canoes. We headed out to Oleta River State Park . There were a few Geocaches on some islands that were near the park that we wanted to try to find. Here are some pics of our day.
We started out at Blue Moon. We rented two canoes and headed out into the mangroves.
 Here are some of the friends that we brought along for the day. They are new to Geocaching, and they were sucked in pretty quickly. It was a beautiful day out!
 Here is me at the first island. It took a while to get there with my hubby and his friends steering the canoe.  Let's just say we went in a lot of circles at first.
 The first cache that we hit was called The Stone Crab. We laughed when we got there because as we unloaded our canoe, we actually found a crab in our boat.
 This is the view from the first island. It was so pretty. It took us about 10-15 minutes to get there.
 The hubby and I at the first island.
On the second island, we came across this really cool "stick" bug. I've seen these before in pics, but never in real life. They are so cool looking.
 This is me on the way back from the second island, heading into a rainstorm.
 Here is our rainstorm, not fun, but we still had a great time!
 That's me at the end of our paddle. My arms were tired!
 Here is Craig getting ready for the biking mission. We went and found like 7 or 8 caches.
 I can't remember the last time I was on a a bike. Oh yeah I do. I was ten years ago, when I flipped off a small hill on one. Good times...
 Taking a small break and grabbing a drink.
 This is one of the small lakes at the park on the trail.
 All packed up and ready to go!
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