Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Party like it's 1999

Happy New Year's Eve to all!  I hope everyone had a great holiday!  I know I did! Does everyone have big plans for New Year's Eve? I'll be working, which totally stinks. I hope you all have better plans than me. To get myself in the holiday mood, I bought some great new products a few weeks back which I love.  They'll be sure to liven up your party spirit.
The first one is from Maybelline. It's eyeshadow that's basically filled to the brim with glitter. It's comes with 4 colors; White (clear,) light and dark Pink, and Silver.  All of them pack a serious glitter punch to make your eye shadow shine.
 This is a totally weird picture but it's the only way I could show you the glitter power. This is the before...                
 This is after. I love this product. This pic does not do it justice.
 I also picked up a body shimmer powder from e.l.f.  I love their products because they never "break the bank."
 This polish from NYC will perk up any little black dress. It is a  pinky red tint with a touch of shimmer. This is a great color for your collection.
Hope everyone has a safe and rockin holiday!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Tunes

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope everyone had a good time with family and friends. Did you stuff yourself silly. I know I did. I was a little sad this year because I was unable to make my family Cranberry sauce recipe. Everything is being packed up for the move to the new house. My kitchen is almost empty right now, so I didn't cook a thing. Oh well, there's always next year. Now we are moving on to my hubby's favorite  holiday. Christmas! That means Christmas music is here!  I'm a sucker for a holiday song. We have Sirius at work, and they switch to the Christmas songs Dec. 1st. I think it annoys most, but I sing along to them all.  I really enjoy the classic songs from the past, but I have a lot of fun ones from the present too. Most of my songs get taken off my Ipod until next season, but there is one that I keep and listen to all year with the rest of my downloads. It's called "Wish List" from Neon Trees. It is really upbeat and not to overly "holiday."
Make sure you add this song to your Christmas list for Santa...
Neon Trees "Wish List"
Yea! It's Christmas time!
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