Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Spring Break! Where do you want to be?!

What does Spring Break mean for you? Well, if your a kid, it means hours upon hours of running around outside,  playing video games, and my personal favorite, sleeping in!  How about the teenagers? For them, it's extra shopping time, extra phone time, and extra time trying to see what (put the current hot guys name here) is up to.Then you have the college kids, and this is where it gets fun folks! Spring break means nice weather, beaches, and a little bit of drinkin'! All the fun times that you can imagine, and probably some things that you wish didn't. What did you do for your spring break growing up. I never did anything. It's okay, wipe your sad tear. I was always working. Don't get me wrong, I went out and had a blast with my friends whenever possible. Did I ever have serious "going out of town" spring break I remember turning 18, and thinking, yes, spring break, let's do this. I had so many places in my mind. Florida was one of them. I grew up watching MTV spring break. They were always in Florida. (I know at least 80% of you are reading this and shaking their head smiling. You know why? I'll tell you why, because that was when MTV was "da bomb" as the kids say. They don't actually say that, but that was what came to mind. That's when they actually had music on that channel, and Dr. Dre and Ed Lover used to host the MTV raps at the beach house. Right now, that 80% is singing the Dre song and doing the dance. Don't be ashamed, I'll have it in my head all day now. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about...
Dr. Dre and Ed Lover
Lets get back to the point here kids. By the time I was ready to have crazy spring break fun in Florida, the worst thing happened! Sigh...we moved to Florida. What! I know! You would think it sounds fun, but no. That is like being able to eat at the place you love every single day. After awhile, you don't love it anymore, because it's not special anymore..ya know?  So, I moved my vacation spots elsewhere. Today's question of the Spring Day challenge with Meghan and Amber is this. "Where are you/would you be headed for spring break this year (real or ideal)?" Here are my top picks right now.

 Bora Bora
These are my new loves! Now, since I am not a gazillionaire, or have my own private jet, I will not be seeing any of these places this year. I will probably be here...
You think I would get sick of this place living here, but I don't. I love Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios!
 My other places will have to day my friends, one day. What about you? Where will you be heading off to?


  1. I'm a Florida girl too, though currently transplanted. Trust me, we take it for granted! I miss my warm winters and short trips to Orlando! :)

  2. I live in Florida now and know exactly what you mean...I want to go to so many of the places that you put on your list!!


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