Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Geocaching has become my new favorite thing to do. I can't stop talking about it. I feel like I talk about it so much that I am starting to annoy myself. Sad, but true. Anyway, I started Caching about 2 months ago. Once I found my first container I was hooked. The only problem hubby isn't really into the whole "looking for treasure thing." Another sad, but true fact. I decided that I was going to go cache while I was in Chicago with my mom and sister. I explained what it was, and what we needed to do. My mom was totally in, but my sister was iffy about it. I was a little worried when we finally arrived in town, because everything was buried in snow. If you have ever been Geocaching before, you know that is not good. So I knew this was going to be a tough outing. We hopped in the car and headed off to our first official spot. What did you find, you ask? Snow. Lots and lots of snow. Grrrr. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. I was really bummed because I had found a trackable item in Florida that I wanted to hide in a cache here. That mission seemed a little bit more impossible since I couldn't see anything but white...everywhere. After having no luck, we decided to head home. Lucky for us, a few days later, the snow started to melt. I am happy to say that we found 10 Geocaches! Yea!!! Not bad at all for their first outing. My mom is hooked on it now! Here are the pics of our adventure.
Here is our first find! We found it under a light post. It was the first of three in a "hockey" themed cache series. We found it in a local mall parking lot.

Here was the trackable I found in Florida. I placed it in a new cache to be found by another cacher.
Good luck little guy!
Here was 2 out of 3. It had a little toy inside.
 This doesn't look that bad right...haha
We had to get over this to find it!

I didn't care, I was going in! I heard my mom laughing as she saw my head drop down very quickly, as I sunk into the giant snow mound!
3 out of 3 baby! Not to shabby!

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