Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Butterfly World

A few of the girls at work are always talking about how we need to go out and do more things together. This is hard to do being that we all have funny schedules. Today we actually all had off, so we decided to head off to Butterfly World. I had gone there when I first moved down to Florida, but that was years ago. One of the girls I work with has never seen it, so we thought it would be fun to go. She brought her little girl along for the fun. They have beautiful flowers, an aviary, and insect room, and of course butterflies! Here are a few pics of our day.
 The front entrance is covered in beautiful trees. There were pink, purple, orange, and shiny white flowered trees.
 First butterfly!
 There were a bunch of fountains throughout the enclosure. There were butterflies flying in and out. It was so pretty.
 This one was taking a little break!
 There was big waterfall in the middle of the sanctuary.
Nikki and Devon on top of the waterfall.
 Some of the flowers along the lake.
 Sarah wanted to feed the Lorikeets, so we went in there to show Devon the birds.
 Sarah and the birds!
One of the 4 MaCaws.
 Devon checking out the birds that were more her size!
 Tweet tweet! There were Gouldian Finches, Honeycreepers, and Euphonias there.
The next stop was the Museum/Insectarium. Each window had a different species of bugs and butterflies.
 A "Walking Stick" bug.
 Beautiful Blue butterflies.
More to follow!


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