Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking for the Toad...

After my rookie find at the Publix down the street (on home page,) I had to have more! There happened to be a cache in the parking lot near a store I needed to go to. Since Craig was at work, I decided to be brave and go it alone. It is a pretty busy parking lot, so I figured that I would be safe to go at it alone. I pulled over into the lot space and started my search. Thankfully, there were bushes all around the area that needed to be scanned. I am pretty sure that I must have looked like a prairie dog, bobbing my head up and down to look for Muggles.
I looked around the light pole looking for something that could be moved. Alas, I touched a piece, and it hit the ground. Omg, did I just destroy public property? I didn't care, I had found my second cache! I put my name on that log and snapped a quick pic.
This one was all me!

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