Thursday, March 24, 2011

What makes you Bee-utiful?

Good afternoon to all! Well, today was a great day to do the Spring challenge because I used most of the products that I picked today.  The question is "What are some recommendations for products you'll be using this spring as you're headed outdoors more?" Well, today I had a heavy day of Geocaching, so I was in the sun for awhile. After being outdoors and in the wooded areas all day, I used a lot of these products when I got home. The first thing I put on today was sunscreen. I'm a fan of the old favorite, Coppertone. I don't use the SPF 4 like everyone I know, I use the 50. What is 4 doing for you, really? I love this spray bottle and the cream for your face. I swear by these.
 Summer in Florida leaves your skin dry and itchy, so I always head for the scrubs whenever I need to get my skin back to normal. I found these three lip scrubs at Basin in Downtown Disney. I love lip stuff, any, and all lip stuff. These ones come in three flavors, coconut, strawberry and my favorite, raspberry. Just so you know, they are edible, and you lick it off when you are done scrubbing. They taste so good!  They get my lips ready for my Mary Kay lip gloss. I use the Beach Bronze color which is my favorite! Also when my face looks a little dull, I use Mary Kay Microdermabrasion, and revitalize serum. It makes my face look shiny and fresh afterwards.

 For my hands, I love Burt's Bees products. I am a huge fan of the miracle salve for dryness, and the lemon butter cuticle cream. I slather that stuff on before I go to bed, and put my hands in gloves that I bought from Bath and Body works. After an hour or so my hands look great! I just bought this nail polish from Ulta, called Hot Spot. It is so pretty and not to pink or red. Looks great on manicured hands.
 I also have fallen in love with my Basin Scrubs. To die for. I'm all about making scrubs from home, but my hubby splurged on these for me at Christmas. Shea Salt scrub, which is like a creamsicle, and sugar scrub. I use these in the shower, and throw some shea butter and almond baby oil on, and my legs are beach/shorts ready! They are super smooth, not like the frogs legs below.
For those of you who know me, you know my skin is basically translucent. I fake tan my body, that's right, and I'm not ashamed.  I love the Jergans natural glow lotion. It gradually tans you, so I stop when I'm the color that I want to be. It's a nice color too, not a carrot color.
These are my favorite spring products. Hope you see something that you like!


  1. You're the third one I've read about the Jergen's Natural glow. I have to get over my fear of self-tanners. It doesn't smell strongly either, right?

    I love sugar scrubs! I have a brown sugar scrub that works so well and smells divine!

    Have a great Friday!

  2. Hi!

    I'm your newest follower from this challenge. Love your blog, purple is my favorite:) Great picks!

    Feel free to check out my blog here;)


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