Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Springtime = Fun and Flirty!

I love springtime. Last year I went through a serious shoe buying phase...and shorts, and capris.  I love dresses too, but I never where them because I have totally translucent skin. I always need to stock up on the fakola tanning supplies. That's right, I fake bake. It is way hotter than it needs to be in Florida already, and I vote no on the whole wrinkles thing. The last two times I bought liqueur I was carded. I want to stay looking young. I've already been looking at new springtime clothes, and shoes much to my hubby's disliking. Just window shopping, I promise.  My sister told me about this linky party, which is basically when you write a blog post, and then link it up to another blog.  The two blogs are Brunch with Amber, and little girl in the big world. They have 5 days of questions that you can link up about. I missed day one...sadness, but I am ready now! So today's question, "What is your favorite spring outfit?" Hmm, I don't really have one that I already own, but I found one that I would like to own. I found this on the Charlotte Russe site the other day.
Floral Chiffon Tube Dress
So pretty, and it says springtime party to me.
I then headed over to the Payless website to match up these little babies.

Fioni Kutie Knot Platform I also found these super cute cuffed shorts. I love the black sash on them!
Birdseye Cuffed short with Sash
Happy Shopping all!

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  1. Those shorts you picked are cute. I'm always looking for shorts, as I'm really not a shorts person. Glad to see them with heels, though. These are great! Thanks for playing along!!


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