Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Have you heard of the tv show, Glee? If you haven't, you should come back down to earth, or move the rock that you are under and join reality. I love this show. I've downloaded a song or five from Itunes that have been featured on the show. I find that sometimes I hear songs on the radio that I am so so about, but then hear them on Glee and love them. One of the most recent episodes featured a song from My Chemical Romance called "Sing." I saw them a few weeks ago on Conan, and liked the song, although it wasn't like the other songs that I had downloaded from them before. Then I heard it on Glee. It was instant love. Check out the two here.
My Chemical Romance  "Sing"
Glee "Sing"
I also downloaded this little number. I love a good Diva off. This is a great one to sing in the shower, or belt out in the car where no one can hear me. Laugh all you want to, you know you do it too.
Glee "Take me or leave me"
Go check them out!

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