Thursday, March 17, 2011

Funky Abstract!

The animal hospital that I work at has pictures of animals everywhere. There are all different kinds of prints. We have some professional photos, cartoon type photos, and some photos of employees pets. We also have pics of some of the pets we have treated there that our clients have given us. In one of the rooms, there is this weird kind of abstract picture of a Pug. It's on a canvas, and it looks like it's half paint, half scrapbook paper. It's a little weird, but kind of cool looking. I was up for a challenge, so I decided to give it a shot. My sister likes giraffes. A year ago we went to a place called Lion Country Safari. I took a couple of cute pics of her feeding the giraffes there. One of the pics was a giraffe eating one of the leaves that we gave him. I decided to make that pic the one I would use for the painting. I gave it to her for Christmas. Here is what you need to do this project.
-Scrapbook paper (of the colors that you need)
-Mod Podge (or Gesso, which tends to hold the paper better)
-Canvas (whatever size you would like)
-Paint colors for your background
This was the picture that I was using to make my canvas print. I printed it out on regular paper so I could try and match up the sizes. I bought some giraffe print paper, so I cut out the shape of the giraffe on that to use later.
The first thing that you want to do is paint the edges of your canvas. I painted mine a dark green to match the grass in my picture. Let dry. The next thing I did was used my Mod Podge to cover the entire canvas.
I placed my "sand" scrapbook paper over the entire canvas.
Then I painted the top half of my canvas the dark green color that I used for the sides. Let dry. I then used my Mod Podge to coat the back of the giraffe cut out from earlier.
Then I pressed this down onto my canvas.
I then took my "Coffee Bean"paper and made the dark spots in the ears and nose. I also bought "Starry Night" paper that I used that to make the twinkle in the eyes.
Next, I took some light tan colored paper to make the sides of the nose to give it some depth. I also cut out some leaves from a "Rainforest" paper. I used those to make it look like the giraffe was chewing.
Here is the finished product. Funky but cute!


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