Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Gear

We took Steiner up to Illinois with us a few weeks ago. It was his first vacation with us, and the first time he was going to be in the snow. I was a little worried that he was going to be freezing. Sometimes he shivers even when it's cold here, so I didn't know how well he would do in 10 degree weather. I looked on-line to check out the cold weather gear that they have for dogs. He hates to wear clothes, but I figured he would leave a jacket alone if he was outside, and running free in a snowy backyard. I ended up buying two jackets for him. The first one is the one he wore while he was up there. It was made by Zack and Zoey. It was blue, with a black belly cover, and lined with fleece.
Zack and Zoey
The other jacket that I bought was a find at PetSupermarket. It has a shiny reflective outside, but fleece on the inside.
It is also reversible.
Pet Smart Jackets
Stay warm my four legged friends!

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