Thursday, February 17, 2011


My mom and sister are always talking about this store named Ulta. They keep telling me it has great make-up, hair, and bath products. We don't have one close to where I live, so I didn't really know anything about them. While I was visiting my mom, I decided to stop in and check it out. It was a pretty big store, and they do have everything you need. I found hair accessories, makeup, cleansers, and bath stuff. They also have their own brand of makeup. I recently have become kind of a girlie girl, and have been stocking up on all kinds of colors. I mean, I've always worn makeup, but over the last year, the need for new stuff has become an issue, haha. That being said, I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to makeup. I'm not the girl that has 50 types of brushes, and all kinds of concealers and what not. Why you ask? I don't know what to do with all of those things. I need simple, like the compacts that come with little pictures and numbers on the back that tell you where to put them on your eyes. My sister gave me a great brush set for Christmas, and I had to bring them with me when I saw her to ask her which one was which, and what I use them for. So awkward, but that's the truth. Anyway, on to my shopping trip. I continue to walk around this Ulta wonderland ,and notice this fantabulous deal. If you buy $17.50 worth of their products, you get a bag with $88.00 of makeup products for free. Now, even though I am kind of a rookie when it comes to this "beauty thing," I do know that this "beauty thing" can be expensive. So, I go check out this bag full of goodies, and was excited to see what I saw. Off I went to go pick out my stuff. I ended up picking up three eye shadows, 2 purples, and 1 really pretty green.
That was all I needed to buy to get this bag. They had three different bags, yellow, blue, and pink. Each bag had different colors schemes in it. I picked the yellow because it had more colors that complimented my skin tone.
Here are the items that came in the bag.
8 Eyeshadow colors
2 Lip gloss colors
4 Eye pencils
4 brushes
Nail Polish
1 Compact mirror
So, I got all of this for $24.00. It's a bargain if I do say so myself!
Go check it out!!

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