Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snowy Adventure Day Two!

Here we go on the second day of our adventure! We started off our day in Franklin, Kentucky at that nice pet hotel I told you about. It was an early morning...for all of us.
 Here is a pic of the one of the fields that we went through.
 We still had 7 hours to go, so Steiner decided to take a little nap.
 We passed Dinosaur World...maybe next time.
 I took some more pics of a few spots that we passed that I thought were pretty.
 We passed the University of Louisville in Kentucky.
 I took a few of Indiana, but they really weren't pretty enough to put on here. I did snap this pic of the White Sox Stadium as we passed it. Sorry that's it blurry folks!
 Yea!! We made it safe and sound! Here is one of my favorite places to go, the Sears Tower. That's right...the Sears Tower, not the Willis Tower. ( It really is the Willis Tower, but I refuse to call it that, because I was raised in Chicago, and it will always be Sears to me. Don't get me started, I'm still upset about Pluto.)
First day in Chicago and the yummy places we went, are next to come!

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