Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweet Home Chicago! (Day 3)

So we started out our day in Chicago with playing outside. This was Steiner's first time in the snow. I wasn't really sure that he was going to like it, being that he gets cold in Florida sometimes. I know that sounds crazy, cold in Florida, but believe it or not, it does happen. So I put on his little jacket and away he went!  The dogs had a whole track that was made for them with the snowblower, so they had a blast!
 Here he is, first time in the snow and loving it!! He played with his new best friends Brady and Spencer.
 We realized shortly after we were done playing, that we were starving. We decided to head down to Chief's Pub. It is a really good bar/grill that is owned by an retired fireman. The whole place is decorated in fireman's gear. The back wall is painted with murals of buildings and fire trucks.
I decided to get a Chicken tender sandwich with fries. Very good! 
My mom got the veggie wrap which looked really good.
 Here are some more pics of the decor.
 Make sure you rub the door for good luck.!/Chiefs.Pub
Make sure you visit if you are in town!

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