Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our day in Long Grove

Long Grove, Illinois, is one of my favorite places to go.  It is a little town that has a bunch of shops and restaurants in it. Some of my favorites are the confectionery, the Irish shop, and the popcorn factory. If you ever go there, make sure you walk or work out the day before, because you are going to need it. Today we ate at the Long Grove Cafe.
 We started off the meal with some bread, that had like a Parmesan cheese on it. It was delicious!
I know that this is silly picture, but this was the best sweetened raspberry iced tea that I have ever had!
 My mom ordered the Greek Salad...
 My hubby ordered the Chicken Fettucini...
I had a Bacon Mozzarella burger with sauteed Mushrooms, with salty french fries.
 I was very impressed with this cafe. Everything was really good. I will eat here next time I visit for sure.
I always take pictures of these crazy ducks. It's like 10 degrees outside, and this pond is always full of them, even when it is completely frozen. It amazes me!
Me, Craig, and Alli, in front of the Mill.
Then it was off to Paddy's on the Square This is my favorite part of Long Grove. My three of my four favorite stores are here. Paddy's is a little shop full of everything Irish that you could ever need. They have shirts, jewelry, music, and real kilts!
 My and the hubby have a tradition of trying on silly hats.
 My future's so bright.... you know the lyrics...
 Then it was off to the Apple Haus.  They have all kinds of apple breads, jellies, cookies, and apple pies.
Craig goes for the apple doughnuts.
The real reason that I go there is for this. They have the best and freshest apple cider that has ever been made. I love the fact that it comes in little apple cups that you can keep.
Next, on to the Long Grove Confectionery
We go here for the Chocolate covered Strawberries.
 Here is one of the women that makes the chocolate strawberries.
 I got some of the milk chocolate raspberry, vanilla, and caramel creams.
 I also took a few vanilla caramel bites.
So yummy!

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