Friday, October 1, 2010

Broken IPod Buttons

Do you ever wonder if you can break the buttons on your IPod? I fear that this day is coming soon for me. I am always rewinding, and going back and forth to the same songs. I have a lot of favorites, but these two have been on the repeat for a few weeks now. Here are two songs that you might like.
I love music. All music, from different genres to different decades. Everything form country to rap, pop to rock, oldies and so on. This is one of my faves this week. It is from Travie McCoy. It's a little bit of rap, with a great chorus. I like rap, but some of it is a little to hard core for me. This one is right up my alley though. This is the explicit version, so if you have children be warned!!
Travie McCoy "Billionaire"
The other one I like is actually a remake of an oldie. It is from Jerrod Niemann. It's called Lover Lover, and it's a little bit country.
Jerrod Niemann "Lover Lover"

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