Monday, October 25, 2010

ITunes Freebies!!!

Let me start off by saying that I love my IPod. I blast my music in the car, the shower, and listen to it while cleaning the house. I also sing and dance but that is another story for another day. My dog has witnessed my awesome dance moves on a weekly basis. I am a huge fan of music! I am also a huge fan of the free stuff that they offer every week. Free stuff you say? That's stuff. Every week ITunes offers free music, videos, and free TV episodes. Some of the music is.... well, "okay" would be the word I would use. However, on some occasions you get a good one. One of my favorites so far has been one called "Cool my Heels" from artist Nikki Yanofsky.
It is a great tune, and worth checking into. I also downloaded "Beautiful is gone" by The Ruse, and "Keep on Loving You" by Steel Magnolias. All free! What's also great is that they offer free TV episodes of some of my favorite shows. I downloaded one from Family Guy, The Office, and Fringe. Obviously some of the episodes are older ones, but when you are waiting at an appointment, or on a plane, they are well worth it. My last freebie was a video/song of "Gives you Hell" from Glee. I love Glee...therefore I love Glee freebies. So next time you are downloading new stuff, check out their Free Stuff section. Also, if your a movie lover, check out there movie deals. Every week they have cheap movies in every genre, and there is always a goodie!

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