Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Portugese Bread

I am a very picky eater. I'm not one of those people that loves all kinds of crazy flavors, and spicy foods. I wish that I did, but it is just not me. I am a plain jane eater, and I'm not ashamed. That being said, you should know that I love bread. Not all breads, just plain old good fashioned white bread. Throw some butter or cinnamon on it and I am in heaven. If I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm hungry, I'll just eat a plain slice of bread, and I'm good to go.  My husband thinks its weird, but he is used to my weirdness by now. So I thought that I should share a bread recipe with you all. My mom has made this recipe for years, and it is so good. The great thing is that you can make this plain like I like it, or add your own spicy flair if you choose. Either way it is delish!

Portugese Bread
-Italian sausage (sweet or hot) or Linguica ( I used about 1-2 links of mild sausage. Change your amounts to how much you want in your bread.)
-Frozen bread dough (let rise as directed in greased bread pan).
-Bacon -  DO NOT use turkey bacon or ready to eat bacon.
-Shredded mozzarella cheese
-Optional (bell peppers, onion)
-Flour (to roll out dough).
-Greased cookie sheet.

Boil sausage for 20 minutes - let cool. Cut into 1/2 slices
For the bacon, I used about 5 slices. (you can use as much as you like.)  I cook it until it just starts to brown. Don't cook it all the way through, you need the juices from it to finish cooking while it's in the oven.
You can flour your countertop at this point, that way you can start to roll out your dough. Roll out bread 6 " wide, 12 - 14" " L.
Take your bacon, and place it across the bread, overlapping in the middle.
Take your sausage pieces and lay them over the bacon, again put as many as you would like on top.
Next, place Mozzarella cheese over sausage and bacon. I use enough for it to cover everything, you can use more to make it extra gooey if you like. At this point, you can lay any additional ingredients that you like over the sausage.
Bring longer sides of bread to center, crossing over slightly and pinching together. Roll ends closed and pinch as well.
Grease cookie sheet, then lay bread on sheet.  Bake at 350 for 20 minutes (tops should be slightly browned).
Keep in fridge, microwave to your liking.  Enjoy!

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