Friday, September 17, 2010

My BOGO Addiction!

Everybody has a thing. A thing that they live for. A thing that they save up their pennies for. A thing that they put on their wish list every holiday. So I ask you, what is your thing? Purses? Clothes? Jewelry? Well, growing up I was a tomboy, and really, when I think about, I still am. Therefore I never really had a thing. I didn't care what I wore, or what I looked like. I was to busy playing outside and getting dirty. I am a jeans and tee kind of girl. That being said, there have always been stores that I have shopped at that I consider my fave stores of all time. Payless is one of them. I would say at this time, my favorite one. I've realized over the last year or so, that there is a little bit of more of a girly girl in me than I thought there was. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those girls who is against make-up, or dresses. I love a good dress up day. As a teenager, I did buy cute shoes and things, but I never really put an effort into it. Again, I was a tomboy, but lets get back to the point. Have you ever had a store that had so many cute things, that it made you want to buy a lot of other things. This is my Payless story. Over the last year and a half, I have had a serious issue with Payless. They have come out with a ton of awesome shoes, bags, and jewelry! I should not be allowed in there anymore. I go in there, and look around and think, what kind of outfit can I put with these shoes? Or, where could I wear these too? Then I think, wait, I'm on a budget. This is where I become a super shopper! So, Payless always has a BOGO sale like every other month or so. Their bogo event includes all shoes, purse,and jewelry items. You can match them whichever way you please. So you can always score some good deals. Did I mention they have designer brands now? Like Christian Siriano, and Lela awesome. Anyway, what you might not know is that if you sign up for their email, they send you 20% off coupons too. You can use these coupons during bogo for extra savings. Which is an even bigger score. So this week, I went to the store to check out two pairs of shoes that I had seen a few weeks back. Here is what I bought. These are from Fioni. They are snakeskin like heels. So awesome with skinny jeans. The shoe name is Helena.
Also from Fioni, "Kaput" great with jeans. A suede feel to them.
I also found a great purse form Airwalk, and a three set of earrings from Minucci.
So, here is the best part. I am going to give you the breakdown.
Helena- $22.95
Kaput- $24.95
Airwalk Purse- $19.95
Minucci Earrings- $7.99
So, all together it should have cost a grand total of $75.84.
Don't forget, it's Bogo, with an extra 20% off. So my grand total was actually...$51.00!
Basically, I got the purse and the earrings almost free. Did I mention that I love me some Payless?

Happy Shoppping!

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