Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's not easy being Green.....or is it?

Is there anybody out there more excited than me about the new Muppet's movie coming out this week? I've been in love with the Muppet's since I was little. Kermit has always been my favorite. I had a Kermit Big Wheel when I was little, and it was my favorite thing ever.
I had a Muppet poster on my wall, and a Kermit and Fozzie bear stuffed animal. I still make my hubby take pics of me at the ride/show at Disney.  Over the past few weeks I have picked up some new Muppet attire and I am really excited. I actually found this shirt at target a few months back. My hubby laughed at me, but I bought it anyway.
 Shirt: Target   Capri's: Walmart   Socks: Target

I found these socks in the $1 bin at Target. I called my sister and begged her to check her Target for some more! Little did I know they were already in the mail for my B-day. I have an awesome sister.
My mom had sent me a box of cool stuff for my b-day also. In the box was this Limited Edition Yahtzee. I desperately want to open it, but I am behaving myself...for now.
 I saw this color a few months back at CVS and had to have it. Piggy should rock this color for her man.
 O.P.I also came out with a Muppet Collection!
O.P.I. The Muppets
 If you're a fan of the music from the show, you should check out The Green Album on ITunes. It features all the old classics but redone with artists of today. I like Paramore's Hayley Williams, so I love her version of "The Rainbow Connection" that she did with Wheezer.
The Rainbow Connection Feat. Hayley Williams and Wheezer

Even the Pistachio commercials have gone Muppet Crazy!
Get Crackin'
Get Crackin (behind the scenes)

Get out there and go see The Muppets!!! Long live Green!!

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