Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Budget for your face!

If you followed my last post, you know that we are house hunting. That means we are on a budget. No spending money on silly things we don't need. Do we have to cut back on things we already use though? The answer is no. On my recent trip to Target, I stocked up my cart with the usual items to restock the house, and did a quick run down the cleanser aisle. I needed to restock my Biore strips. I know some people don't consider these a "must have" item. I do. I am very strict with my facial regimen, and these are a good thing to use if you use powder on your face everyday. Anyway, I noticed that this time on the box, it had a little box that said Prove It!. What is this? I am a big sucker when it comes to boxes that say free stuff or coupons inside. I get all excited when I get home, and then realize it's a coupon for something I don't use, or for a product that I don't need. This time I was pleasantly surprised. Biore has decided to help me out with my budgeting. They have started a promotion that basically rewards you for using their product, and learning more about skin care and healthy stuff. Here is what the box looks like.
Inside the box was a small piece of paper with a code on it.
 It tells you how to sign up for your rewards. Start with going to Facebook, and "Like" their page. Done! It then tells you what you can earn with your points. You get points by signing in consecutive days in a row.
 You can also get points by answering trivia questions about the health of you skin, or by doing a challenge of the day. So easy.
 Got it right! Whoo hoo!
 Your points get you coupons for money off of Biore products. If you get enough, you also earn free products. Go check it out, it is a great deal if you use the products!

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