Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Showers bring may flowers.

I found this cute little flower key holder the other day while surfing the net. It looked easy to make, and I already had a lot of the supplies around. A friend of mine just moved into a new place, and I thought it would be cute for the walls. Also, she loves books, so it was fitting. Here is what you need to make this flower bloom.

One book (one that you wouldn't mind cutting up.)
Mod Podge -or- Krylon Clear coat
Green paint
One wire hanger
Hot Glue
Pliers (something to bend the wire with.)

 First, you want to cut out a small circle to glue everything too. I just happened to have bought some Arizona Iced Tea, and it came in a little cardboard container with circles in the bottom. Any cardboard will do though.
Take your pliers and cut your wire to the desired length that you would like it.
The picture from the site had it twisted like this. The top circle is where you will hang it from.  (I started with this shape, then bent it out after I painted it. see below)
After cutting my wire, I took my dark green paint, and painted the stem.
 I ended up pulling it apart to look like this. The next time, I'll cut the wire longer, or make them in multiple lengths to group the flowers together. Hot glue your wire to the middle of the circle.
I then drew a flower, free hand, on one of the pages of the book. Then made 5 more like it. I mod podged all of them and waited for them to dry.
 Once dry, I placed them on top of each other, and spun each one a little bit, so that the flower was full.
 Staple your flower directly in the middle. This "center spot" is where you will fold your flowers into.
 Begin to fold up into the center. Your flower should start to take place.
 Silly side note: I didn't have any clear cote spray, I had hair spray, it worked well! :)
 This is your finished product.
 I think next time, I'll do different color paper to add some flare to it. Also, I will make the stem a little longer. Overall I love the look of it, super cute!
Courtesy of Mark Montano

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