Thursday, January 20, 2011


A few months ago, I was searching for something in my IPhone. I was checking out some new apps to see what they had added, since it seems like every week there is something new. I kept spotting all of these apps that said "Geocache" on them.  Over the last few months I have been trying to "Go Green" as much as I could. I figured that it might be somethng to do with that. I got distracted however, and moved on.  Then I noticed a girl at work had posted a comment about it on her facebook, so I decided to go back and check in on it. So, I downloaded a free app on my phone to see what the fuss was all about. Basically Geocaching is a treasure hunt.  People from all over the world hide "Geocaches" which are basically containers with objects in them. You find them by using a GPS and track the item, then open it to see what you found.  Upon digging some more I found out that you can hide things called "Trackables." You can go online and enter in the trackable you found, and you can bring it to new places. I like a good treasure hunt as much as the next person, so off I went. I found out that one of the locations was right next to my house. So excited!! So off I went with my phone, hubby, and dog in tow. We were gonna go find us a cache! How did it go you ask? It didn't go well. I was a bit frustrated being that I had no idea what I was doing, what to look for or where the exact spot was. Not a great first expedition. So I gave up for the night, and did some more research. I went back on-line to check out some more info.  Here is the site that I went to for my info.
After learning a little more I realized that I could send the exact cordinates to my phone, and I could look at a satelite image of the area that it is hidden in. Yes, I agree, it is awesome. So I found a new spot yesterday that was actualy at a grocery store that I needed to go to for some items. "Lets do this" I said to my hubby. So off we went. My hubby is not really into this type of thing, so why do I drag him along you ask? Well, I noticed that a lot of these places are in trees or behind buildings. I will be the first one to tell you that I'm kind of a chicken. In my head, going off into the woods, or lurking behind buildings/warehouses by myself seems a lot like the making for a horror/kidnapping thriller. I do not want to be the star of that, so I bring backup.  Anyway off we went down the street to our local market. We parked behind the building. The name of this cache was "Stairway to Heaven." There was only one stairway so off I went to search.
 At first I looked under all the beams and around the edges. The hint that I got was to look for a hide-a-key.
 Success!!! I had found my first geocache!!!
 I opened it up to find a small log with a bunch of names on it. I added my name to the list! Packed it up tight and placed it back where it belonged for the next Geocacher to find.
Here I am with my first Geocache!! Yea!!
So get out there and start looking. I plan on looking for a lot more in other places. If you find one, go on the website and log your finding, and send in a pic! Have fun and remember, safety first!

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  1. YAY EM!!! That is actually a very creative cache! I haven't seen one like that yet. You will notice, however, that all caches are not alike... us geocachers like to be creative. haha! Happy Hunting!


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