Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas!

 Happy Holidays to all!! I love this time of year, don't you? I love listening to Christmas music, the fresh smell of pine, and decorating a tree filled with sparkling lights, full of ornaments that have memories attached to every one. So here is the start of my Christmas season.  We put up our tree last night. Craig isn't really into decorating it, but that's one of my favorite things. Here are some pics of us decorating our little tree.
Here is the our little tree. It's a fake one...GASP! I know, but real ones can't hold my heavy ornaments. What about that fresh Pine smell that we all love? We fix that by burning a Yankee Candle (Balsam and Cedar, or Pine.) It smells just like the real thing.
Craig setting up the top.
Me and Steiner waiting to start decorating.
We both like different things on our tree. I love the rustic look of the Cranberries, but Craig loves candy. Therefore we have both.
Here is me hanging the first ornament. It's my Northwestern Ball. Craig gets annoyed because I have like 5 NU ornaments, haha.
This is him hanging his Pirates of the Caribbean Ball over mine. Smartypants.
Hanging an ornament that my Aunt gave me, an Irish snowman.
We have a few team ornaments on our tree. We have NU, the Patriots, and the Chicago Bears.
Halfway there...
This is one of my favorite ones. I have a few. When I was little my grandmother used to read me the Pokey Little Puppy every time I went to see her.
These three are some more of my faves. The Kermit the Frog, and Oscar the Grouch were my moms. I always loved putting them on the tree, and then she let me have them when I got older. She is the best!
Every year since we've moved into our own place, we have picked out an new ornament.  Some of them are just fun ones that we find at Target, or at a local store. The best ones have been from our travels to different cities, or to theme parks that we frequent. This is our 2010 one. We just got back from Disney and we thought this one was really cute.
Okay, count it down
Merry Christmas!!!!

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