Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shopping on a budget!

I have a budget. A small budget. A budget where I only shop for clothes if I can afford it budget. I wear my clothes until they shrink to nothing, or I outgrow them. If you're like me, you too have limited funds to spend on overpriced clothing. So, I figured I would tell you where to get some great clothes for a cheap. When I say cheap, I mean good quality cheap, not wear them one time and they fall apart cheap. Let me introduce you to my friend Ross. I know when you hear Ross, you think cheap, last season clothing. Wrongola my friends. Ross has come along way. For instance, last year I walked out of a store, that will remain nameless, with two pairs of jeans and a shirt for 75 dollars. This is pretty normal these days, I know. However, at Ross, I walked out of the store with 7 shirts, and three pairs of jeans, for 100.00. I went 6 months ago and got 3 pairs of capris, 6 shirts and a pair of jeans for 110.00. I think I made my point. I happen to be lucky that my Ross store is right next store to a Payless, which is my other addiction. It makes me very happy. So I put together an outfit that I paired up with some Payless shoes.
Here is the breakdown...
Blue shirt- $7.99
Jeans- $12.95
Silver Sandals- $5.00 (BOGO)
Silver hoop earrings- $3.99
For a grand total of.....
This outfit would have cost $50-60 dollars in other stores. This is why I love the Payless/Ross combination! Take a peek inside next time your out, they have it all!

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